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Matteboxes/Sunshades - ZGC Arri LMB-25 Lightweight Mattebox Two Stage Set for 4x4/4x5.65 Filters (includes 2 filter frames 4x4 & Light shield) (K0.60180.0)click to enlarge

Arri LMB-25 Lightweight Mattebox Two Stage Set for 4x4/4x5.65 Filters (K0.60180.0)

Part #: 333950

Price:  $1,750

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LMB-25 Two Stage Set (K0.60180.0) includes:

  • 333944 1x Basic Module (K2.66177.0)
  • 333946 1x 2-Filter stage Guide(K2.66176.0)
  • 337116 2x Filter frame 4"x5.650" /4"x4"  (K2.66133.0)
  • 333940 1x Light Shield (K2.47244.0)

Clamp Adapters have to be ordered seperately and are not included in sets.




ARRI has introduced an exciting new lightweight clip-on matte box called the LMB-25. The LMB-25 expands and combines the features of the LMB-5 and LMB-15 while retaining the low price tag of an entry-level LMB-5.

The LMB-25 sets come with metal side guides for two or three filter frames, combo 4x4”/ 4x5.65” filter frames and top flag.  All sets are compatible with all LMB-5/15 clamp adapters.


  • The front shade can be removed by unscrewing four captive screws. 
  • The metal back plate has a safety hook to secure the LMB-25.
  • Combo 4x4"/ 4x5.65" filter frames come standard with LMB-25 sets.
  • Has a new optional 3/8” Accessory Mount to attach accessories such as the UDM-1.
  • Has a new optional bottom-mounted “tray catcher.”
  • LMB-15 masks (K2.66022.0) are back compatible with the LMB-25. 
  • LMB-15/5 top/bottom flags (light shield) are back compatible with the LMB-25.
    ***The LMB-5 is no longer available. 

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