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Camera Support - ZGC Arri C300 Lightweight Support SET (K0.60155.0)click to enlarge

Arri C300 Lightweight Support SET (K0.60155.0)

Part #: 337370

Price:  $605

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Designed specifically for the Canon EOS C300 camera


  • K2.66172.0 - Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2
  • K2.66173.0 - Adapter Plate for Canon EOS C100 /300 /500
  • K4.47348.0 - Support Rods 340mm Ø 15mm


The ARRI C300 LWS Set is a light weight support kit designed for the Canon EOS C300 camera. This kit includes an ARRI BPA-2 bridge plate adapter, an EOS LWS plate and (2) 15mm rods. The bridge plate adapter was designed specifically for the Canon EOS C300, which allows this camera to be used with existing ARRI camera accessories. It also allows the use of the C300 handgrip set. (Sold separately)

C300 LWS Set  includes :1 Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2 K2.66172.0, 1 EOS LWS K2.66173.0,  and 2 15mm Rods 13.4" (340mm) Long K4.47348.0

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