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Camera Support - ZGC Arri C300 Lightweight Support BP-12 SET (K0.60156.0)click to enlarge

Arri C300 Lightweight Support BP-12 SET (K0.60156.0)

Part #: 337371

Price:  $1,930

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Designed specifically for the Canon C300 camera


  • K2.66172.0 - Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2
  • K2.66173.0 - Adapter Plate for Canon EOS C100 /300 /500
  • K4.47348.0 - Support Rods 340mm Ø 15mm
  • K2.72004.0 - BP-12 Bridge Plate
  • K4.54362.0 - Base Plate (Bottom Plate) - fits all Bridge Plates
  • K5.42904.0 - Support rods 440mm Ø 19mm


This support set is comprised of the BPA-2 Bridgeplate Adapter, EOS C300 Lightweight Support Plate, BP-12 Bottom Plate, Dovetail Plate, a pair of 15mm (340mm length) Support Rods and a pair of 19mm (440mm length) Support Rods

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