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CCG DEFINITY Film Recorder

Part #: Z-Definity

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A Digital Film Recorder for a Digital Industry 

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Faithfully preserve the creative vision established in Digital Intermediate-intergrate seamlessly in an ever accelerating digital workflow- maximize productivity by uniting lower maintenance, longer life, higher speeds, and greater ease of use with an adherence to the highest industry standards.

Discover how CCG's pathbreaking LCD Film revorder helps you achieve all thes objectives.   

CCG's DEFINITY LCD digital film recorder is the resutl of more than 20 years experience in film recorder technology: When introduced  to the industry in 2004, DEFINITY was hailed as the first system capable of harnessing the full potential of LCD technology to deliver a truly seamless Digital Intermediate.  Since then DEFINITY has found its way into an ever growing number of post production houses, labortories and studios worldwide.

DEFINITY unites  unmatched affordability with  the image quality one has come to expect of considerably more expensive laser recorder: Supreme definition, color fidelity, contrast and repeatability are the hallmarks of the perfect Digital Intermediate.  High speeds, ease of use, low maintenance and long life ensure profitability for years to come.  

Key Features

• Anamorphic pixels: CinemaScope at 6K horizontal resolution
• Complete color fidelity: Tri-phosphor fluorescent light source
spectrally balanced for both intermediate and negative stocks
• Extremely long life: light source specified to 80,000 hours to half life
• M inimal maintenance, service and training requirements
• LCD technology ensures total geometric stability, minimal flare
• High dynamic range allows densities of more than 2.0D
• Automatic film take-up: Rapid reel swap, no more lace-up errors
• Typical cycle time: 1.2s on negative, 2.8s on intermediate
• Two years guarantee on LCD imager


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