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ZGC Film Digital Equipment Professional

Camera Support - ZGC CinoFlex Infinite Mounting Plate Kitclick to enlarge


CinoFlex Infinite Mounting Plate Kit


Price:  $329

Kit Includes:

  • 4"x6" mounting plate
  • 15mm Mini Bridge Clamp
  • 8/32 Hardware kit
  • Allen Key tool


The CinoFlex Infinite Mounting Plate allows users to create numerous mounting solutions for larger camera accessories that add value to the shooting environment. The Preston MDR 1/2/3, AJA KiPro Mini, Monitors, Recording units and any other tools the camera crew may need. The CinoFlex Infinite Mounting Plate is sold and used in conjunction with the CinoFlex Mini Rod 15mm Bridge, (attached via 8/32 bolts). The CinoFlex Infinite Mountain Plate is filled with threaded thought 3/8 16 and 1/4 20 mounting holes for maximum versatility.

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