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Camera Accessories - ZGC CinoFlex Type 5D mk23 Adapter baseclick to enlarge


CinoFlex Type 5D mk23 Adapter base

Part #: TYPE5D23AB

Price:  $299

Kit Includes:

  • Cinoflex type 5Dmk23 Base
  • 1/4 20 hardware kit
  • Allen Key tool


The CinoFlex type 5Dmk23 Adapter Base is designed to mount directly to the CinoFlex Type-C300 Camera system and join as the perfect mount for the Canon 5F Mk II & III.  The adapter base features nodal mounting and universal height to maintain all balance features on the CinoFlex type C300 camera system and use with all existing camera  accessories. Common 3/8 16 mounting holes assist in the setup and execution of many shots and configurations. The CinoFlex type-5Dmk 23 adapter base can be used as a stand-alone accessory for the perfect Canon 5D camera base and mount.

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