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Camera Support - ZGC CinoFlex Rubberized Tapered Handleclick to enlarge

CinoFlex Rubberized Tapered Handle

Part #: TYPEC300RGH1

Price:  $89

Rubberized tapered Handle with 3.8 16 thread


The Cinoflex Handle is hand-made/machined handle tube carved from pure 6061T6 aluminum. The threaded 3/8 16 is industry standard to fit almost any camera or accessory. Sold individually or in sets as a pair, these handles have many uses and are a perfect companion to the Cinoflex camera system. (1 tapered handle comes in each Cinoflexcamera system kit).

4 types of handle material/covers are available. Tapered Rubber /
Torx Pattern Rubber / Foam Cushion / Extra Strength Thick Rubber Sleeve

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