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Lens Accessories - ZGC Cooke Panchro Front Element Set -UNCOATEDclick to enlarge

Cooke miniS4/i Front Element Set -UNCOATED (18-100mm)


Price:  $2,300

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For those who want softer contrast, more flaring and an "older" lens look and feel.  

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Cooke miniS4/i  lenses are now available with uncoated front elements. Offered as a set of 6, they can be swapped with the standard coated elements by a qualified lens technician. Uncoated front elements may help create a different, “historic” look — more flare, softer edges, etc.

A set of 6 miniS4/i element  includes: 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100 mm.

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