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Cooke Lenses - Complete List

Part #: ZGC-CookAll

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 NEW Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime Lenses
CKEA 25Cooke 25mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 32Cooke 32mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 40Cooke 40mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 50 Cooke 50mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 75Cooke 75mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 100Cooke 100mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 135Cooke 135mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900

  Cooke 5/i Prime Lenses
CKE5 18Cooke 18mm 5/i Lens T1.4$24,300
CKE5 25Cooke 25mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 32Cooke 32mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 40Cooke 40mm 5/i Lens T1.4$23,600
CKE5 50Cooke 50mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 65Cooke 65mm 5/i Lens T1.4$23,600
CKE5 75Cooke 75mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 100Cooke 100mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 135Cooke 135mm 5/i Lens T1.4$26,300

 Cooke miniS4/i Prime Lenses
CKEP 18Cooke 18mm miniS4/i Lens$9,150
CKEP 25Cooke 25mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 32Cooke 32mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 40Cooke 40mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 50Cooke 50mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 65Cooke 65mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 75Cooke 75mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 100Cooke 100mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 135Cooke 135mm miniS4/i Lens$9,150
CKEP SET6Cooke miniS4/i 6 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm , 50mm, 75mm & 100mm)$46,000
CKEP SET9Cooke miniS4/i 9 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm)$67,800

 Cooke S4/i Prime Lenses
CKE 12iCooke 12mm S4/i Lens$26,000
CKE 14iCooke 14mm S4/i Lens$21,700
CKE 16iCooke 16mm S4/i Lens$20,900
CKE 18iCooke 18mm S4/i Lens$19,700
CKE 21iCooke 21mm S4/i Lens$19,700
CKE 25iCooke 25mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 27iCooke 27mm S4/i Lens$19,700
CKE 32iCooke 32mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 35iCooke 35mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 40iCooke 40mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 50iCooke 50mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 65iCooke 65mm S4/i Lens$19,700
CKE 65SFCooke Soft Focus Attachment for 65mm Cooke S4 Prime$3,400
CKE 75iCooke 75mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 100iCooke 100mm S4/i Lens$19,000
CKE 135iCooke 135mm S4/i Lens$21,900
CKE 150iCooke 150mm S4/i Lens$26,350
CKE 180iCooke 180mm S4/i Lens$27,000
CKE 300iCooke 300mm S4/i Lens$28,000

 Cooke RED Set
CKE REDSETCooke RED Set: Cooke CXX Zoom, S4/i 50, 75 and 100mm Primes$99,900

 Cooke Extenders for S4/i
CKE-14XCooke 1.4x Extender for Cooke 300mm S4/i$4,300
CKE-2XCooke 2x Extender for Cooke 300mm S4/i$4,300

 Cooke Zooms
CKE 15/40Cooke 15-40mm S4/i CXX, T2.0 Zoom Lens$48,100
CXX Cover GlassCooke CXX Cover Glass$1,250

 Cooke /i Technology
472-8443Cooke /i Technology to RS-232 Power Supply Adapter & Cable (check lenses without going through the camera)$240

 Cooke Apparel
Z-CKE-TSHIRTCooke Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt$10
Z-CKE-SHIRTCooke Baseball T-Shirt$15.50
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