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Matteboxes/Sunshades - ZGC Movcam MM2 Mattebox & Cine Base Kit for Sony NEX-FS700click to enlarge

Movcam MM2 Mattebox & Cine Base Kit for Sony NEX-FS700

Part #: MOV-MM2-FS700-CBMK1

Price:  $1,320

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SONY NEX-FS700 MM2 Kit 1 Includes:

  • MM2 Mattebox [MOV-301-0202]
  • 16:9 ABS Housing, French Flag
  • Side Wings
  • 1 Fixed & 1 Rotating 4x5.65 Filter Holders
  • Ø 130mm Clamp Adapter, 130:114mm Rubber
  • Movcam 130mm Universal Stretch Donut [MOV-301-0202MM2]
  • Mini 15mm Swing Away Bracket
  • 16x9 Cine Base M15 for SONY FS700 LWS [169-CBM15-FS700-LS]
  • 16x9 Cine Base M15 Support Base [169-CBM15-01-131]
  • Movcam SONY FS700 Camera Spacer [MOV-303-1702] 
  • Two 16x9 Cine Base Mini 15 - 12" Rods [169-CBM15- R12]


For Sony NEX-FS700. Includes: Mattebox & Lightweight Support

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