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Putora 7A9 Field Chart Sharpness Indicator

Part #: 7A9

Price:  $60

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The 7A9 Sharpness Indicator is the most advanced and accurate test chart available.  Any photographer will be able to accurately evaluate the sharpness and resolution of all types of motion picture, video and still camera.

Special pricing on 2 or more purchase.


The Sharpness Indicator 7A9 Chart is made up of test-targets with concentric circles printed on a Reference Field Level background.  The background has the same reflectance as the average reflectance of the targets.  When a target appears to blend with the background, the 7A9 Chart indicates that the target is beyond the sharpness of the system being tested.

The concentric circles that make up each of the  test targets on the Sharpness Indicator 7A9 Chart  are calibrated in the degree of sharpness (DS).

Use the 7A9 Chart  solo to check sharpness and back focus of any optical system or use it to check critical focus on a production set.
 Among the uses are the ability to instantly determine the resolution of any lens/camera system, set critical focus at any distance,
set or check back-focus of any lens/camera system, and, compare resolution between various film and video formats.

The manual included with the 7A9 Chart goes into great detail on how to use and evaluate what the Sharpness Indicator charts provide. 7A9 Chart are supplied in vinyl envelopes. 

Click on the link below for instructions on how to use and evaluate the Sharpness Indicator 7A9 Charts.

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