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Camcorder - ZGC sinaCAM 3D Camera System - Base Unit/ Control Unit with AAB Dual, Two Camera Heads & Power Supplyclick to enlarge


sinaCAM 3D Camera System

Part #: HDC-1-3D

Price:  $33,000


 Introducing the newest full HD 2D/3D camera system in a small package

3D Basic Systems includes:

  • 1x SinaCAM Camera Control Unit with display (HDC-1-BS-AAB)
  • 2x sinaCAM Camera head  (HDC-1)
  • 1x SinaCAM Base unit Power Supply (DT50-A)


Lenses and additional accessories not included in kit.


While small POV camera systems are no strangers to the demanding world of Broadcast, TV and Cinema programming, having high end image quality available in an ultra compact remote head camera has been a different story.  Enter the sinaCAM HDC-D, the smallest feature rich high image quality camera available among all other manufacturers. 

The SinaCAM system consists of a base unit ( HDC1-200) and one or two remote camera heads (HDC1-100). The camera is designed with quality in mind, both with respect to image quality and a superb build quality, making the camera robust enough for daily rental and shooting environments.

It offers a 2/3” Kodak CCD sensor with an unprecedented 13.5 stops of dynamic range, a true global shutter and very low noise. Capturing a full 14 bit RAW signal processed by the base unit (HDC1-200) makes it future proof, and can easily be updated via software. The sinCAM utilizes only one BNC connector to supply power, camera control, and image data transfer on up to 540 feet (CoaX Press cable needed over 200') making it the most versatile remote camera system available.

The base unit (HDC1-200) is able to communicate and control two remote camera heads (HDC1-100) simultaneously, either for two separate HD streams or in a 3D mode, outputting a usable full resolution 3D image at its build-in DVI (out) in various modes. The sinaCAM is able to shoot at any standard HD format, ranging from 23.96psf to 60p, at full HD resolution of 1920x1080 or sampled down to 720p.

Other inputs and outputs include two dual link HD-SDI out, sync and TC support, power-in, as well as a LAN interface, the optional Wi-Fi support, and a front USB port for still image capture.

An optional battery mount attaches to the Base unit. A maximum power consumption of only 30W (Base unit and two heads) makes the sinaCAM a preferred choice for remote locations, hand held or Steadicam application.

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