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Stereotec 3D Side-by-Side Rig MAXI PRO

Part #: 0201

Call for Price (973) 335-4460

Sturdy, Lightweight and Precise

Built to satisfy the real-life needs of a complex 3D shooting

For pricing, please contact sales@zgc.com

Additional Information on the Side-by-Side Rig and the Stereoscopic Calculator

Rental List

With its superior stability and modular design, the STEREOTEC MAXI feels at home on a crane, a dolly or in a studio setting.  It supports cameras from SI-2K to Sony HD-Cams to the RED One. 


  •  Built for Professional cameras like the Sony EX3, HD - Broadcast cameras like Sony, Panasonic or Thomson - Film cameras like SI-2K, Red One, F23 - Photo cameras like Canon, Nikon and similar.
  •  Interaxiel of 350 mm (13.8”) with larger interaxiels available upon request
  •  Interaxial control with resettable STEREOTEC electronic counters and a handwheel.
  •   Optional motorization kit available
  •  Covergence: approximately 8”
  •  One convergence control standard (second optional) with fine adjustment and resettable STEREOTEC electronic counter (computation in degrees).
  • Optional motorization kit available
  •  Calibration modules for camera fine adjustment in tilt and roll
  •  Mount for Chrosziel quicklock plates or mounting plate for ¼” or 3/8” mounts

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