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CinoFlex TypeC300 Body IDX Battery Mount

Part #: TC300BODYIDX1

Price:  $999

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New Must have battery mount for your Canon C300 Camera.

Currently available with IDX mount

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The Cinoflex TypeC300  is an anodized baseplate which is designed to bolt to the C300.  Balance is provided by the stackable batteries, mounted aft, running in parallel for continuous 5+ hours operation of your Preston MDR and lens motors, on-board monitor, viewfinder, Cine Tape, and 64 MB Compact Flash Card. An internal DC-DC converter provides stable 8.4 v for the camera and 12 v for the accessories.

Military Spec BNC Connectors, 18-8 stainless steel 3/8-16 threads with 2-ton load capacity, rounded edges, smooth surfaces–something like this could only have been designed by a working camera crew member who uses this kind of equipment daily.

The Cinoflex perfectly balances your C300 in handheld mode: it feels like a lighter, friendlier 16SR with smoother edges. In Studio Mode, it accepts all the standard baseplates, rods, brackets, monitors and supports.

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