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ZGC Film Digital Equipment Professional

Financing and Leasing:


Film crew working on a budget? Professional photographer in need of a new gear to hone your talent? We understand that state-of-the-art equipment and accessories are a major investment. That’s why ZGC offers financing and leasing options to all qualified customers. Benefits-of-Leasing.


To help you with this process, we recommend Lease Corporation of America as our partner in finance for their experience and expertise in financing high tech equipment, as well as their great customer service.


Simply complete the Leasing Credit Application and mail the signed, original to us. We will walk you through the process.


ZGC, Inc.
Attn: Ms. Christine Brnic, Sales
264 Morris Avenue
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046


If you have any questions about financing for ZGC purchases, or need assistance, you can always contact us at 973-335-4460 or email chris@zgc.com


Please note that we will need your original application with signature to complete the application process.












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