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ZGC Film Digital Equipment Professional


Master Class on 3D Filmmaking

EFA Master Class 2010


Creating stories and images for 3D Film
for European film directors, cinematographers, set designers, editors, writers and producers

with Alain Derobe in co-operation with Florian Maier
12-18 July 2010



SKATER Mini Dolly

Skater Mini Dolly
Director/DoP Sebastian Cramer invented the SKATERŽ for his own projects as a tool that is extremly flexible and fast to work with. He leads through this online workshop and explains how the SKATERŽ can be used in commercials, feature films and TV productions.


These online Demo Videos cover almost the full SKATERŽ Mini Demo DVD and is divided by chapters similar to the original DVD. All chapters will be displayed in fast streaming quicktime clips with high quality compression. On a standard broadband connection these clips should play immediately with no stopping in real time. If you have any difficulties in viewing this online demo please email us at sales@zgc.com to receive a copy of the Demo DVD in NTSC or PAL format.


Click on a link at the left to play.
These videos require the use of Quicktime.
Click on the link below to download and install.
Operating Elements
Linear Tracks
Curved Moves
Adjusting Curved Moves
Adjusting Heights
Pan & Lock
Borescopes & Periscopes

Music by YannKuhlmann@orange-music.com Special thanks to
ARRI | DAS WERK Pictorion | CinePostproduction P+S Technik GmbH
SKATER is a registered trademark


3D Recording Basics

3D Glossary

3D Stereography



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