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Studio Daily interview of Les Zellan at NAB 2012
2012 NAB SHOW Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan by Studio Daily
Production Hub interview Les Zellan NAB 2012
2012 NAB SHOW Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan by Production Hub


Digital Cinema
Les Zellan discusses some of his Cooke lenses and adapters from ZGC
NAB2011 P+S
Tom Greiser of ZGC presents several important upgrades to the Weiscam and the Freestyle 3D rig as well as a new P+S Technik product called the “SR Tandem”, which is a “digital back” shaped like an SR film magazine allowing use of the traditional film camera front and optical viewfinder to combine with a digital cinema camera.


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Cooke Panchros

"Look Good with the Cooke Look"

Posted on May 9, 2011. An interview with Les Zellan on Cooke Optics Panchro /i Lenses.

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2011 NAB SHOW Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan


NAB2010 Interviews

Cooke NAB2010
Geoffrey Chappell from Cooke Optics discusses i-Technology and presents the Panchros, a new line of cost effective 35mm format PL Cine Lenses.
Weisscam NAB2010
Thomas Greiser of ZGC discusses the latest advancements to the High-Speed Weisscam.
P+S Technik NAB2010
Carlos Alvarez explains the features of P+S Technik’s new freestyle 3D Stereo Rig which was built for use with a Stedicam rig.

Video interviews courtesy of the Digital Cinema Society.   The Digital Cinema Society is a format agnostic educational cooperative dedicated to the entertainment industry's informed integration of digital technology.

For more information: http://www.digitalcinemasociety.org

NAB2009 Interviews

Cooke NAB2009

30 MB

Cooke Optics Discusses i-Technology At NAB 2009


Cooke Truth about HD Lens Resolution - Cine Gear Expo

Playback - Camera Department



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Cooke Optics - Panchro Lenses - Cine Gear Expo

Playback - Camera Department



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Cooke Optics Data Sharing and Transvideo

NAB 2010 - Playback


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Sensible Digital Cinema: The Cooke 5/i Primes



A surprisingly effective demonstration of the Cooke 5/i Primes in low light.

Inspiration Studios second installment of Sensible Digital Cinema.

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Test footage with the Sony F3 and Cooke Panchro lenses


Love.Dance. - Graded Short Version

by Timur Civan


Love.Dance. from Timur Civan on Vimeo.


This is a spec commercial featuring the Redbull break dance world champion Neguin, and world renowned dancer and performer Amy Secada, http://www.kjmnyc.com/.


Shot on my Sony F3 to XDcam, and using my Cooke iPanchro primes and the Duclos 11-16mm T2.8 Zoom. Edited and graded by the ever amazing Thomas Wong, www.thewongcut.com, in FCP and graded on the DaVinci Resolve.


Special thank to the exquisite talents of Jim Lafferty, www.jimlafferty.com, without whom this shoot would not have taken place! Jim created this concept and shot some simply gorgeous photos. Jim and I collaborated on the video component to compliment his photography and move the words of fashion and dance photography and cinematography ever closer together.


For more information about the shoot and technichal setup please visit my blog. http://timurcivan.blogspot.com/


Special thanks to Eric Kessler of www.KesslerCrane.com for providing the fantastic Kessler Crane 12' Jib and Revolution Motor control head. You're the best Eric!

Special thanks to Isaac Brody our AD for keeping us on track.


MTF Lens Mount Adapters


A collection of clips from customers using MTF lens adaptors.


New York like you have never seen it before.

Two beautiful pieces by Chuck Fishbein using the MTF Nikon to Sony PMW-EX3 adaptor.


Pretzel from Chuck Fishbein on Vimeo.


One August Day from Chuck Fishbein on Vimeo.



Peter Naylor tests a Nikon to 1/3" bayonet adaptor.

MTF Example from Peter Naylor on Vimeo.



Some fabulous images from Ray Paunovich using the MTF Nikon to Sony PMW-EX3 adaptor


For more videos using MTF Lens Mount Adapters, click here to go to the MTF website Video Page





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