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Lens Controls/Follow Focus - ZGC Arri MFF-2 Standard/ Hard Stop Cine 1 (K0.60151.0)

Arri MFF-2 Standard/ Hard Stop Cine 1 (K0.60151.0)

Part #: KK.0005762 - 337340

Price:  $2,480

Arri MFF-2 Standard/ Hard Stop Cine 1 (KK.0005762)

 Original number #337340  (K0.60151.0)

The ARRI MFF-2  Standard / Hard Stop Cine Kit 1 includes:

  • K2.65255.0 MMF-2 Cine Mini Follow Focus
  • K2.65253.0 Focus Knob Standard
  • K2.65248.0 Focus Knob Hard stop 
  • K2.65259.0 Focus Gear 0.8/ 43 teeth



Mini Follow Focus MFF-2

The new, modular MFF-2 Cine and MFF-2 HD are two versions of a lightweight, single-sided follow focus unit for small video cameras and DSLRs.

Designed with lighter cameras in mind and compatible with all available ARRI lens gears and focus knobs.

Main Features :

  • Cine or HD style
  • Unique space-saving, snap-on bridge mechanism
  • Choice of three different focusing knobs (standard, hard stop, 2-speed)
  • Reversing feature for Nikon and Leica lenses
  • Compatible with a wide range of ARRI driver gears and knob accessories


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KK.0005762 - 337340MFF-2 Standard/ Hard Stop Cine 1 (K0.60151.0)$2,480

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