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Camera Support - ZGC Arri C300 Adapter Plate (K2.66173.0)

Arri Adapter Plate for Canon C100/ C300/C500 (K2.66173.0)

Part #: 337374

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Arri Adapter Plate for Canon C100/ C300/C500 (K2.66173.0)

Specifically designed for the Canon EOS C 100/ 300/ 500 and adapts to lightweight support
standard and offers interface to adapt directly to BP-12 or 13


The ARRI Adapter Plate C100/ C300 / C500 is a dedicated adapter plate designed specifically for the Canon C100/ C300 /C500. It allows you to use a variety of existing ARRI camera accessories with your Canon EOS Cinema camera, such as mini follow focus, mini matte box and other accessories compatible with 15mm rods. The Adapter Plate  can also be used with existing 35mm bridge plates such as the BP-12 so that you may use the C100/ C300 /C500 in a studio set-up.

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337374Adapter Plate for Canon C100/ C300 /C500 (K2.66173.0)CALL US! 


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