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Camera Support - ZGC Arri Adapter plate for Sony F5/F55 (K2.66246.0)

Arri Adapter plate for Sony F5/F55 (K2.66246.0)

Part #: 337454

Price:  $610

Arri Adapter plate for Sony F5/F55 (K2.66246.0)

337454 Adapter Plate for Sony PMW F5/F55  is a Lightweight Support plate with ARRI standard rosettes and compatible with BP-8 and BP-9 for Studio Support.

Can fit directly onto a Fluid head by replacing the Touch and Go Plate 35; Dimensions 120 x 80mm


This adapter plate is designed specifically for Sony F5 and F55 cameras, making them
compatible with lightweight support standards, including a built-in Sachtler "Touch and Go"
plate. With this, the camera can be mounted to a head or anything else with a standard quick
release plate, allowing it to be quickly and safely secured – for example in between takes when
shooting handheld. Two steel rosettes extend out to the sides of the base plate in order to aid
balance during handheld operation. For studio configuration, the adapter plate accepts studio
bridge plates such as the ARRI BP-8 or BP-9.

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337454Adapter plate for Sony F5/F55 (K2.66246.0)$610


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