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Cooke Parts and Accessories


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 Cooke Front and Rear Lens Caps
46/6938Cooke Front lens cap (110mm)$29 Front Lens Cap for miniS4/i$29
46/6998Cooke Rear lens PL cap (S4i/ minis4/i)$29

 Cooke S4/i parts
S4i000-00636Cooke S4/i Blanking (Cover) Plate$160
M00-0C526Cooke /i Connector Blanking Plug$1.50

 Cooke 5/i parts
904TS0134Cooke 5/i Focus Scale Lighting Controller, includes Fisher 3-pin to Lemo 2-pin cable$500

 Cooke Cables
472-8443Cooke /i Technology to RS-232 Power Supply Adapter & Cable (check lenses without going through the camera)$250
906TS0128Transvideo Cable for Cooke /i to Transvideo Monitor$225

 Cooke Update Base
ZPS45-01916Cooke /i Update Base (CKE /iUB)$850
472-8443Cooke /i Technology to RS-232 Power Supply Adapter & Cable (check lenses without going through the camera)$250

 Cooke Lens Grease
CKE-CamGreaseCooke CAM Grease, 4 oz. 

 Cooke Lens Tools
Z100-TOOLSETCooke miniS4/i Tool Set (PL Clamp Key, Inner and Outer Clamp Key)$1,760
Z-TOOLMCooke Tool Kit (5 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements$850
Z-TOOLM8Cooke Tool Kit (8 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements 25-135mm$1,100
Z-TOOLM9Cooke Tool Kit (9 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements 21-135mm$1,300
ZPS45-01916Cooke /i Update Base (CKE /iUB)$850

 Cooke S4/i / S4 Uncoated Elements
ZGC-S4UNCOATED Cooke S4 (S4/i) Uncoated ElementsCALL US! 

 Cooke miniS4/i Uncoated Elements
ZGC-Cooke-Uncoated Cooke Complete List of Cooke miniS4/i Uncoated ElementsCALL US! 
Z-UNCOATED-FRONTCooke miniS4/i (18, 25, 32, 50, 75 & 100mm) Front Element Set -UNCOATEDCALL US! 
Z-UNCOATED-REAR Cooke miniS4/i (18, 25, 32, 50, 75 &100mm) Rear Element Set -UNCOATEDCALL US! 
Z-UNCOATED-FRONT-10Cooke miniS4/i (18, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 & 135mm) Front Element Set -UNCOATEDCALL US! miniS4/i 18mm Front Element- UNCOATED$3,168 miniS4/i 18mm rear glass element- UNCOATED$363 miniS4/i 21mm Front Element- UNCOATED$619 miniS4/i 21mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$271 miniS4/i 25mm Front Element - UNCOATED$545 miniS4/i 25mm Rear Element - UNCOATED$232 miniS4/i 32mm Front Element- UNCOATED$456 miniS4/i 32mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$233 miniS4/i 40mm Front Element- UNCOATED$379 miniS4/i 40mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$355 miniS4/i 50mm Front Element- UNCOATED$589 miniS4/i 50mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$433 miniS4/i 65mm Front Element- UNCOATED$323 miniS4/i 65mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$323 miniS4/i 75mm Front Element-UNCOATED$348 miniS4/i 75mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$392 miniS4/i 100mm Front Element - UNCOATED$425 miniS4/i 100mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$365 miniS4/i 135mm Front Element- UNCOATED$410 miniS4/i 135mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$926

 Cooke Cases
Z-PANCHRO-ALUMCooke miniS4/i Aluminum Carrying Case (6 lenses)$750
Z-PANCHRO-ALUM4Cooke miniS4/i Aluminum Carrying Case (4 lenses)$650
Z-4S4CASECooke Hard Aluminum Case for 4 Cooke S4i or 5i Lenses$890
Z-5S4CASECooke Hard Aluminum Case for 5 Cooke S4i or 5i Lenses$970
Z-6S4CASECooke Hard Aluminum Case for 6 Cooke S4i Lenses$1,000

 Cooke T-shirts
Z-CKE-TSHIRTCooke Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt$10


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