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Cooke miniS4/i Complete List


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 S4 Quality Deserves the S4 Name 

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The miniS4/i lenses incorporate everything in that today's filmmakers ask for: smaller, lighter weight prime lenses that offer the same resolution, optical quality and reliability as the S4/i prime lenses but at a lower price - and, the miniS4/i 35mm lenses are interchangeable for shooting film and digital images up to and beyond a 4K resolution.


miniS4/i prime lenses are available individually in focal lengths: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm.  The miniS4/i lenses are also available in sets of 2, 3,  6 and a full set of 9.


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/i Technology
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Cooke miniS4/i + Canon C500 Leitner Test Footage HD Chapter Color HD from Cooke Optics on Vimeo.

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miniS4/i lenses offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.

The miniS4/i lens cam-type focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability on the miniS4/i lenses.

The miniS4/i lens will cover RED Epic S35 format with an image circle of 33.54mm.

Feature Highlights

• miniS4/i Prime Lenses available 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm
• T 2.8 to T 22 aperture
• Colour matched with all other Cooke lenses
• /i Technology included as standard with all miniS4/i lenses
• Lightweight
• Cooke Quality and S4/i like construction
• Linear iris
• Cam-style focus

 Optical Design

The optics of the miniS4/i lenses are designed to give maximum performance at full aperture with superior control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration.

/i Electronics

Accessible via cable connector near the lens mount and contacts in mount that sync with /i compatible cameras and accessories.

Color Balance

All miniS4/i prime lenses are colour balanced, Color-matched and compatible with Cooke 5/i, S4/i and Anamorphics /i lenses.


All Cooke miniS4/i primes have a true T2.8 aperture and cover Super 35mm format and miniS4/i will cover RED Epic S35 format with an image circle of 33.54mm.

Index Marks

Every index mark is labelled. More detailed markings allow for more detailed focus control.

Focus Movement

Our Academy Award® winning cam-style focus movement coupled with the added benefit of a large lens barrel diameter, has allowed for an increased number of focus markings, particularly at close focus. Spherical aberration has been controlled throughout the range of focal lengths to eliminate compensation of changes in back focus with aperture. A four-point contact bearing provides a smooth positive backlash-free movement.

Camera Mounts

Arriflex PL Mount with i/technology contacts standard with each minis4/i lens.


Large, clear numerals on both sides of the miniS4/i lens focus barrel benefit the focus puller when shooting under difficult lighting conditions.


All Cooke miniS4/i primes, except the 18mm have a common fixed front diameter of 87mm, with a focus drive gear of 121T x 0.8 mod and an iris drive gear of 119T x 0.8.

External Finish

A scratch resistant PTFE hard anodised finish is provided on all Cooke lenses, providing a durable, hard-wearing surface to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.


An eight-leaf linear module iris assembly is fitted into the Cooke miniS4/i primes with an aperture range of T2.8 to T22.

Weight/Size Ratio

The miniS4/i lenses are designed for all shooting applications, including handheld and Steadicam, providing comfortable balance ratio with the latest compact cameras.

Reliability and Service

Cooke miniS4/i prime lenses are designed to meet a market requirement for fully reliable performance with a minimum of downtime.

/i Technology

Provides cinematographers and camera operators with vital information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number , owner data , lens type and focal length in both metric and footage measurements. For zoom lenses, the zoom position is displayed.  Significantly, all the information is captured downstream for use in postproduction.

miniS4/i Aluminum Cases Available


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ZGC-MINIS4IComplete List of Cooke miniS4/i Lenses and Pricing  

 Cooke miniS4/i Range of Lenses
CKEP 18Cooke 18mm miniS4/i Lens$9,150
CKEP 25Cooke 25mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 32Cooke 32mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 40Cooke 40mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 50Cooke 50mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 65Cooke 65mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 75Cooke 75mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 100Cooke 100mm miniS4/i Lens$7,850
CKEP 135Cooke 135mm miniS4/i Lens$9,150
CKEP SET6Cooke miniS4/i 6 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm , 50mm, 75mm & 100mm)$46,000

 Cooke miniS4/i Lens Sets- now available
CKEP SET6Cooke miniS4/i 6 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm , 50mm, 75mm & 100mm)$46,000
CKEP SET9Cooke miniS4/i 9 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm)$69,000
CKEP SET2Cooke miniS4/i 2 Lens Set (40mm & 65mm)$14,900
CKEP SET3Cooke miniS4/i 3 Lens Set (40mm, 65mm & 135mm)$22,900

 Cooke miniS4/i Uncoated Elements
Z-UNCOATED-FRONTCooke miniS4/i (18mm-100mm) Front Element Set -UNCOATED$2,300
Z-UNCOATED-REAR Cooke miniS4/i (18-100mm) Rear Element Set -UNCOATED$1,350 miniS4/i 40mm Front Element- UNCOATED$360 miniS4/i 40mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$338 miniS4/i 65mm Front Element- UNCOATED$287 miniS4/i 65mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$185 miniS4/i 135mm Front Element- UNCOATED$423 miniS4/i 135mm Rear Element- UNCOATED$350

 Cooke miniS4/i Tool Kits
Z-TOOLMCooke Tool Kit (5 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements$850
Z-TOOLM8Cooke Tool Kit (8 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements 25-135mm$1,100
Z100-TOOLSETCooke miniS4/i Tool Set (PL Clamp Key, Inner and Outer Clamp Key)$1,760

 Cooke miniS4/i Set Carrying Case
Z-PANCHRO-ALUMCooke miniS4/i Aluminum Carrying Case (6 lenses)$750
Z-PANCHRO-1400Cooke miniS4/i Pelican Carrying Case (135mm Lens)$250

 Cooke miniS4/i Accessories Front Lens Cap for miniS4/i$29
46/6998Cooke Rear lens PL cap (S4i/ minis4/i)$29
Z100-TOOLSETCooke miniS4/i Tool Set (PL Clamp Key, Inner and Outer Clamp Key)$1,760
Z-TOOLM8Cooke Tool Kit (8 clamp keys) for miniS4/i Front Elements 25-135mm$1,100

 Cooke Apparel
Z-CKE-TSHIRTCooke Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt$10

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 Custom miniS4/i Cases
Z-PANCHRO-1400Cooke miniS4/i Pelican Carrying Case (135mm Lens)$250
Z-PANCHRO-ALUMCooke miniS4/i Aluminum Carrying Case (6 lenses)$750
Z-PANCHRO-ALUM135Cooke miniS4/i Aluminum Single lens Carrying Case (135mm lens)$550

 /i Technology Update Base
472-8443Cooke /i Technology to RS-232 Power Supply Adapter & Cable (check lenses without going through the camera)$240
CKE /iUBCooke /i Update Base (CKE /iUB)$850

Product Brochures & Additional Information

User Manuals

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