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AJA Ki Pro Mini - Ultra Portable Digital CF Recorder
Anton Bauer QR-PD/HDV 7/14 GOLD MOUNT Adapter for SONY DSR170, HDV-FX1, HVR-Z1U, & HVR-V1U
Canon WD-H43 Wide Converter for Canon HV-20
MTF Arri PL to Micro 4/3" Adapter
Tiffen 4x4 FL-B Tungsten
Tiffen 6.6x6.6 Haze 2A UV
Tiffen 6" ND0.3 Unmounted Neutral Density
Tiffen 6" ND0.9 Unmounted Neutral Density
PortaBrace HB-40 Heavy-duty suede leather strap with 2" metal swivel snap hooks
PortaBrace RS-A1 Mini DV Rain Slicker
Sony BP-FL75 Olivine V Mount Battery
Sony BC-L90 Battery Charging Station
Sony AXR-R5 Raw Recorder

Anamorphic /i Lenses Canon CINE-SERVO Lens

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