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Visit ZGC & Cooke Optics at NAB2015
April 13 - 16 Booth #C8643. Use our Guest Pass Code LV2887 to register. Offer expires March 27, 2015

Visit ZGC Inc at SIM Digital's Technology Showcase January 29th, 2015 in Toronto.

Stop by ZGC / Cooke Optics booth at SET Expo, Sao Paulo, Brazil August 24-27 and get a copy of our catalog on 4 GB flash drive.


Cinec 2014 -Les Zellan discusses Cooke Optics and its impact on the film and TV industry at Cinec 2014.

 interview with Les Zellan at Cinec 2014

IBC 2014 -Les Zellan discusses Cooke Optics /i Square Technology and Cooke Optics Metrology Lens Test equipment at IBC 2014.

 interview with Les Zellan at IBC 2014

IBC 2014 -Les Zellan discusses Cooke's expanding range of popular anamorphic lenses at IBC 2014.

 interview with Les Zellan at IBC 2014

Jeffrey A. Reyes has joined ZGC as Directory of Sales for the Americas. Jeffrey brings with him 18 years of sales and customer service experience as well as 12 years of production experience. He recetnly served 6 years at ARRI as Director of Sales for Latin America. See more ...

Jeffrey A. Reyes ZGC Director of Sales for the Americas

NAB 2014 - Les Zellan on how a big plan for some new anamorphic funkiness came together at last year's NAB.

 interview with Les Zellan at NAB 2014

See Test Footage of the New Cooke Anamorphic/i Lenses on Vimeo

2K Cooke Anamorphic/i TEST FOOTAGE

2K version of London test footage can be downloaded from WeTransfer
2K version of Paris test footage can be downloaded from WeTransfer

/i Technology: software upgrade for all ALEXA cameras
Arri soon to release public software update 9.0 (after IBC) allowing any ALEXA camera to communicate with /i Technology lenses. (Check with Arri for latest updates.)

New Software Upgrade available for Arri Alexa XT Plus now supports Cooke's /i Technology. The new software provides direct lens metadata capture through contacts in the camera's PL mount. You can download the ALEXA XT software Update Packet 81. (ALEXA XT & XR Module Upgrades) and release notes here.

Alexa XT camera with Cooke 5i lens and /i Technology support

2013 NAB Cooke Optics interviews with Les Zellan

 interview with Les Zellan at NAB 2013

 interview witj Les Zellan at NAB 2013

 interview with Les Zellan at NAB 2013

On February 9, 2012, Cooke Optics was awarded an Oscar statuette “for their continuing innovation in the design, development and manufacture of advanced camera lenses that have helped define the look of motion pictures over the last century. Since their first series of motion picture lenses, Cooke Optics has continued to create optical innovations decade after decade. Producing what is commonly referred to as the “Cooke Look,” these lenses have often been the lens of choice for creative cinematographers worldwide.”

Cooke Optics Academy Award group

Congratulations to Cooke Optics for their /i Technology!
Congratulations to all the 2012 Cinec Award winners.

Cinec Award winners 2012 including Cooke Optics

A Cooke Look Back - Timeline of Cooke Cine Lens History - by Barbara Lowry
"The recent surge of interest in Cooke Series II and III and other classic lenses suggested the time was right for this article. ..."

Cooke Look Back Timeline

Timur Civan: "...shot on Cooke. Mix of iPanchros and 18-100 T3 Varotal. Yes .... that's Cookie Monster. :) It was the most fun day of work ever."

Cookie Monster video

Ryan Patrick O'Hara: "Silly little music video shot on Epic and Cooke Panchro/i primes. Must say, I love going into a color session not having to worry about matching lenses. The little CC that we did was easily transferable from one shot to the other because Cooke lenses match so well. No wasted time matching lenses, which makes the whole process take no time at all. Thanks Cooke/ZGC!"

Trapdoor Social Interia music video

Man and Beast- Shot exclusively with the Canon EOS C500 Camera

Man and Beast Canon EOS C500

2012 CineGear Expo Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan by Production Hub TV

Les interview CG2012

2012 NAB SHOW Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan by Production Hub

Production Hub interview of Les Zellan at NAB 2012

2012 NAB SHOW Cooke Optics interview with Les Zellan by Studio Daily

interview Les Zellan at NAB 2012

Check out this commercial filmed using Cooke Panchro/i lenses with uncoated front elements (minus the flashback scenes).

uncoated panchro commercial

ZGC is pleased to announce: MTF Services Ltd. awarded the seal of approvial by The Guild of Television Cameramen. The Award is for MTF's Nikon to Sony F3 lens adaptor, which allows the use of any Nikon mounted lens on the F3 camera. With this adapter, users can buy the camera body only and use their existing Nikon glass.

Mike Tapa receiving MTF Award

MTF Director Mike Tapa said, “We are honored to receive this prestigious award. MTF is a relatively new company with a small team so we are extremely proud that our work has been recognized by the Guild. The GTC Awards, sponsored by the Vitec Group, and in association with Zerb, were presented on 11 May 2012 in Birmingham as part of the Guild of Television Cameramen's 40th anniversary celebrations.”

ZGC welcomes Juergen Schwinzer to our team!

Juegen at NAB2012 picture

Robert Richardson, ADC Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography for Hugo. Congratulations on your well-deserved Oscar!

Bob Richardson picture

Sensible Digital Cinema: The Cooke 5/i Primes from Inspiration Studios on Vimeo.

Sensible Digital Cinema: The Cooke 5/i Primes from Inspiration Rentals on Vimeo.

Martin Scorsese's new 3D movie, "Hugo" shot using all 3 families of Cooke lenses, 5/i, S4/i, Panchro/i.
First major movie using /i Technology (metadata) and Transvideo CineMonitorHD 3D View /i monitors.

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